Best Networking Events in Los Angeles

Networking is a very important trait that will help you grow both in your professional and social life. Man is a social being and where else can you socialize better that at networking events. However, you might be asking where you get to meet your fellow marketers, aspiring chefs, your tribesmen, etc. Well, we have very good news, there are dozens of networking events and you can easily find them at

To make your work easier, we have highlighted some of the events where you can get a chance to network and build up your contacts – you might never know what good might come out of it! If you are in the City of Angels, then you are in luck as we tell you the place to be for your networking endeavors. Without much ado, let’s dive right into it.

Los Angeles Sales Professionals

This is a meeting of sales people who meet up in a relaxed environment to have some fun and exchange information on what their fellow sales people do to win those big sales. The members meet once in a month and the group is made up of highly motivated professionals as well as business people who are dedicated to moving their careers forward Best Networking Events in Los Angeles.

The group’s motto is to build real relationships outside of boardrooms and formal settings. The group believes that their network is their net worth. The LA sales group is a worthwhile group to check out if you are a business professional who wants to grow to the next level. The LA Sales Professionals currently has 54 members and the organizer is known as James Nicolas K.

The Los Angeles User Experience Meet up

If you are interested in sharing or learning about technological stuff, then this is the group to join. The group has been in existence since 2007 and has since organized more than 60 events and has a staggering membership of 5,300 people. With such a huge number, you are sure to learn a lot from the people you interact with in the group. The Los Angeles User Experience is made up of professionals in Usability Analysis, Los Angeles Engineers, SEO Los Angeles experts, User Experience researchers, Information Architects and other User related professionals.

The group was established by Lynn Boyden, Craig Nakano, Weston Thompson, and Chris Chandler. The group has organized events that have covered a number of topics over the years including prototyping, mobile design, Customer Experience, internet technology among other very informative and interesting topics. The group also organizes events in partnership with other UX groups to endure that you learn as much as possible. The entry is free of charge and it is open to the public.

The Los Angeles Caribbean Connection

Being away from your home country, familiar language and peoples and culture can be very challenging. It is for this reason that the Los Angeles Caribbean Connection group was founded. The group is mainly for people who come from the Caribbean region and West Indies. However, according to the organizers, if you are a Westerner or from another culture, you are also welcome to join the group if you want to learn more Like-minded networking professionals in LA.about the Caribbean culture and way of life.

The main aim of the group is to help people from the region to come together and have that feeling of togetherness and socialism. The Caribbean’s are very much connected to their traditional religion and this is also another very important aspect of the meeting where the members seek to keep their faith strong and grow in the same. The meetings are also held once every month and the main aim is to support each other morally and spiritually in order to keep the family (Caribbean community) strong. The organizers are DJ S, Casey, Stacy and J.M.

Los Angeles Healthy Vegan Meetup

Great ideas and lifelong friendships can be formed over a plate of delicious Veges – this seems to be the mantra of Los Angeles Vegan. If you love great food and great people, then the meetup is a perfect fit. The group tries out different recipes while at the same time having fun and interacting. Top of the list are dishes with Latin fusion. Interesting cocktails are also on the offing.

The brains behind the ideas are chefs Mary Sue and Susan Feigner (who are celebrated chefs by the way). The group is great if you want to meet people like you who are interested in learning and trying out new recipes. You will also know what’s new in the culinary and hospitality industry.